The iKlyk Advantage

By Feda Bashbishi, MBA

At iKlyk, we understand the daily challenges a dental professional is faced with in her/his business. Providing the best patient care and at the same time staying competitive and efficient could be a very exhausting challenge. iKlyk dental can help!

Untitled-3 copyWith iKlyk Dental your office will enjoy our easy to use cloud-based software. Your staff will spend more time connecting with customers and less time worrying about computer and system crash, finding information, system slowness, searching for data, software and hardware upgrades, data backup, fee guide update, training etc.

Unlike other dental software applications, iKlyk Dental does not have hardware purchase prerequisites, to operate all you need is an internet browser with active internet connection.

You will have the peace of mind knowing that your patient data is not subject to loss due to theft, natural disasters, or simply computer crash; but very safe with Microsoft Azure redundant database servers.

You and your office manager will have exclusive access to your data on nearly any PC, MAC, tablet, and cell phone. So you are always connected with your staff and there when needed.

Use our world-class dashboard and reporting tool to track your finances and costs. Don’t operate on intuition, use our dashboard to track key performance indicators in your business for better business decisions. Our built-in dashboard will provide you a holistic view of your business with the ability to drill down for more thorough details. iKlyk TX Tracker tracks each transaction made in your office, it tracks when each transaction was made and by whom.

iKlyk is proud to be a software provider that is truly designed to support Dental Practice Management Companies Dental Solution-Offices(DPMCs). iKlyk Multiple-Branch Management Tool works to accommodate your business needs. You can add as many new locations as your business demand or scale down if no longer required, all share the same patient data and managed under one account! Imagine having the same practice management software running on all of your locations. How effective and efficient will your staff and business become? How easy is it for your patients to choose among your locations? How much time and money can you save on application setup and training?

iKlyk Dental is like none other in the dental market. It was design with you and your staff in mind. Our mission is to provide you the tools you need to provide the patient care your customers deserve.