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iKlyk is proud to be the first dental software vendor to offer its customers a built-in patient reward system DentiCoin. With this feature dentists and their designated staff members will have the ability to reward patients with denticoins for good practices. Now patients can receive denticoins when they show up on time, show up for their recall appointments, or even when they refer a friend to their dental office. Patients in return can then trade those denticoins to supplement some of their treatment bill.   

So what is DentiCoin? DentiCoiis a Canadian cryptocurrency dental software company that aims to help pay for patients/families who cannot afford to pay their dental bill. DentiCoirelies on blockchain and iKlyk platforms to exchange coins between dental offices and their patients.

How does it work? Appointment and billing information collected from iKlyk system about patients can be presented to a dentist to reward patients with denticoins.

How does a dentist benefit from this feature? Nowadays, Canadian dentists struggle to stay competitive. More than 300 new dental offices open up every year. Patients can pick and choose. Millennial patients expect to get rewarded for their visits.

With DentiCoin, dentists can stay competitive and offer one-of-a-kind reward system to their patients. DentiCoicollected from dentists can then be redeemed by the patients to supplement some of their treatment bill. 

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