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We want you!

Business Partner CxO

I am looking for a business partner to work with me on taking iKlyk to the next level.

Q: What is iKlyk?

A: iKlyk is a distinctive Canadian based dental software company. Unlike the typical software vendors who offer a traditional windows based dental software, we provide dentists with a better option. For a better patient care, we provide dentists a cloud based dental software with everything the cloud has to offer. With our software we can always introduce the market to the latest and the greatest technologies such as blockchain and web services APIs with minimal cost and coding.

Q: Is iKlyk a certified software vendor?

A: Yes, iKlyk is certified by the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) as a software vendor (

Q: What is iKlyk looking for in a business partner?

A: The candidate should have passion for driving our business forward and could see new opportunities. On one hand, I prefer someone with current or prior experience in the dental industry. Someone who could answer: How do dentists buy software? Can we identify a buyer persona? On the other hand, I am looking for someone who meets with prospects and has the ability to present and negotiate.

Q: Is there anything else I should know that could help me decide?

A: In the next couple of years the dental industry will change its face. CDA is introducing iTrans 2.0, SecureSend, and other new technologies. These changes could provide us with a great opportunity to be the first vendor to implement something new. More and more dentists are buying and building new dental offices and the current legacy Windows based dental software falls short! We can provide customers with a solution that could help them manage their multi-location offices. Dental Corp could be a perfect example of that!

There are more than 22,000 dentists in Canada and the number is growing every year. With the right strategy and product service we could provide dentists a hassle and worry free dental software and help dentists focus on the things they do best “excellent patient care!”

If you have what it takes to join, please contact me directly at or 519-577-5408.

Feda Bashbishi, MBA

Founder and CEO