The best cloud-based dental office software you can acquire for your billing, eClaims, and business intelligence needs. 

Modernize your operations with a Web-Based Practice Management Solution built specially for the Canadian Dental, Hygiene, and Denture Offices.

Who Are We?

iKlyk Cloud Based Dental Software
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iKlyk ’s the only could-based dental office software that allows you to pay for what you what. If you are interested only in iTrans/eClaims, then pay only for iTrans/eClaims. Pay for the features you require for your daily operations. iKlyk works for dental, orthodontic, and hygen offices. Our flat fee pricing model is very affordable and does not have any hidden fees. Try our software for free.

Your Total Cost Of Ownership

When you purchase a traditional dental office software, your initial cost typically represents 10% of your total cost of ownership. With iKlyk there is no hidden fee or monthly fee! Simply put, you will get all of our features for $99.99/month!


iKlyk is a proud Canadian software company that is CDA, CDHA, and The DAC certified. With iKlyk, you can send and receive eligibility, claim, predetermination, and request for outstanding transactions. iKlyk is designed to use CDA iTrans 2.0 and Telus CCDWS platforms. If you are a dental, hygiene, or denture office, you can use our software to submit and receive electronic claims. Find out how easy it is to access your transactions on any device at anytime.

Security is EVERYTHING

Unlike other software vendors who use non-licensed databases such as MS Access or OPEN SOURCE/FREE software such as JAVA and Python. Our application is built on Microsoft licensed software for better IT support and security. iKlyk partners with GoDaddy to host your data securely on the cloud. All connections between your browser and our servers are controlled by our GoDaddy sha256 SSL certificate.

Protect Your Investment

“Embezzlement lives in the gap created by a lack of management by the practice owner.”

David Harris, CFE, CPA

Minimize this gap! Our audit trail function-iKlyk TX TrackerregisteredTM-empowers you to track all changes made to your patient and office data, when and by whom. For added security, we incorporate Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to ensure your login and data are always safe.

Minimize  IT Maintenance

“I am happy using iklyk software for my mobile dental services for over one year now. The software is always accessible on the cloud from any computer. Great customer service and Feda always available any time I needed help. Thank you.”

Dr. Mohamed Soliman DDS, BDS, DOS

iKlyk is a cloud-based dental office management software built specially for the Canadian dentists giving them greater reliability. Say GOODBYE to software upgrade and data backup.

Increase Staff Efficiency

“It is a great pleasure working with one of the software which has the vision to improve and develop innovative solutions in such a humble manner.”

Martha Ishiwari Lopez, Owner, MISHILO Academy

iKlyk Dental was designed in collaboration with user experience experts, web designers, and tested by actual users in real dental offices to provide you and your staff with a smooth experience and an efficient operation.

Recude No Shows

Reduce patient no shows with iKlyk Dental friendly appointment and recall email reminders. Emails are sent automatically to your patients to remind them of their upcoming appointment.  Our system even sends emails to No Shows to reschedule. Through our Recall tab your staff will know who is due for a visit and when. No need to tie a string around the finger. Don’t purchase a third party tool to do that function, it is built into iKlyk.

Improve Business Outcomes

iKlyk Dental’s dashboard provides unique features that allow you to gain insights into the health of your business. Important key metrics and flexible tools allow you to gauge certain criteria of your business so you can better plan for faster growth. Access the RIGHT information at the RIGHT time. If you run one practice or multiple practices, we can work with you to design a business dashboard that is customized just for you. For more information, contact us at  

Upload Patient Documents and Images

With our one of a kind user friendly patient document and image upload, you will enjoy a 2 gigabytes* of data storage, capacity for about 10,000 images. Store all of your patients files securely on our GoDaddy then access those files on any device at anytime.

* Ask us how you can increase the data storage to 5 gigabytes.
# All the documents and images are stored securely here in Canada.
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