iKlyk Inc. is a cloud-based practice management software provider. iKlyk’s software, iKlyk Dental, is a platform based on state of the art technology that disrupts the current norm in the dental software industry.

fff54 iKlyk offers its customers a cost effective dental software to help them manage their dental offices effectively and efficiently. Our software includes a rich list of features such as scheduling, automatic email reminder, billing, reporting, treatment planning, and more.

With iKlyk Dental a dental office can be up and running in minutes. We eliminate the need for an expensive hardware and software purchases. We eliminate the need for software update or data backup. Spend more time connecting with patients rather than babysitting your computer.

iKlyk is the only practice management software that is designed from ground up for corporate dentistry. With our world-class Branch Management Tool business owners will manage their multiple branches more effectively and efficiently.

iKlyk Dental is the number one choice of professionals for managing their offices the right way!