Addressing the most common questions we received from customers!

A: iKlyk [Pronounced “i~Click”] Dental Software is a user friendly cloud-based software designed for the Canadian dental industry. Our software enables dental offices to perform their day-to-day operations in the most efficient and effective way.

A: iKlyk Dental Software is designed for professionals in the Canadian dental industry such as dentists, hygienists, assistants, administrators, office managers, educational institutions, and software vendors.

A: Nowadays, a dental office is tightly integrated with the internet. An internet outage could impact the ability to send insurance claims (iTrans), office phone (if it is digital), as well as accessing patient charts (if it is online). The simplest and easiest solution is to “hot spot” the PC to one of the smart phones and be up and running in minutes. Some internet providers, such as Rogers, provide a rocket stick that will keep you connected to the internet in case of an outage. Visit your provider’s website for more information on hot spot and rocket stick.

A: We make the decision to use iKlyk Dental Software hassle-free for you. You can run iKlyk and your current software in parallel to compare performances and features. iKlyk comes only at $99.99/month account so you can use it at your own pace, hassle free. You can cancel your subscription anytime, no strings attached.

A: With iKlyk you will enjoy our easy to use software. Say goodbye to data backup, software upgrades, and hours of training. Access your data on any device, MACs, tablets, PCs, and cell phones. Use our world-class dashboard and reports to track your finances and costs, find out when each transaction was made and by whom. Decrease no shows and let our automatic email reminders keep your patients connected.

A: Purchasing iKlyk Dental for your practice makes perfect sense. Not just that it will increase the value of your practice by $20,000 but it will enhance the image of your practice. iKlyk Dental Software will modernize your practice and can help you sell it faster. Show potential buyers comprehensive dashboard and reports that track all your finances and costs.

A: Your data security is our number one priority. We protect our system by the highest level of encryption and data protection provided by Entrust & Microsoft Azure.

Industry-leading data system security Microsoft Azure world-class data centers feature biometric security, data back-ups, redundant power supplies and continuous surveillance systems. All your data transfers with us have the highest level of SSL/TLS encryption against malicious parties.
Account security Access to your account is defined by strict user access levels so you can be ensured that information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. All account activities are stored in our system for auditing purposes.
Find out more more information about Privacy Policy, Term of Use, and User Agreements Documents.

A: If you encounter technical issues with iKlyk, call our technical support hotline at 519.577.5408 and we will work with you to fix the problem.

A: Please visit our Pricing page for up-to-date information.

A: Call us at 519-577-5408 or email us at sales@iklyk.com subject line “iklyk for free” and our sales rep will contact you within 8 business hours.

A: Unlike other software vendors, we do not charge you for training. We built iKlyk Dental so it is user-friendly and does not require training. However, iKlyk Dental comes with short built-in Youtube videos to guide you through all the basic tasks. Furthermore, if you have any question, call us at 519.577.5408 and the iKlyk team will provide the necessary assistance.
A: No. You can sign up and use iKlyk without entering your credit card details.

A: Yes. If you ever decide that iKlyk isn’t the best dental software platform for your business, simply call us at 519.577.5408 or email us at sales@iklyk.com to cancel your account.

A: When you sign up with iKlyk, you will immediately get the following to get you going:

– Remote Access, Automatic appointment e-mail reminders
– Up to 10 login accounts for you and your staff

A: iKlyk Dental includes all the features you require to run your office from day one. With $99.99/month you will enjoy:
– Scheduling and booking
– Automatic appointment and recall email reminder
– Billing
– Treatment planning
– Clinical Notes
– And much more

Add iTrans/eClaims for only $89.99/month.

All Prices are in Canadian Dollars and don’t include applicable taxes.

A: Yes! iKlyk software is a certified software vendor by the Canadian Dental Association. Customers can send and receive eClaims using our cloud based software on any device. No need to install iCA software on your local machine. Recently, iKlyk became iTrans 2.0 enabled.

A: No! Our software updates the fee guide annually on our server and it is seamless to the users. As long as you are an ODA member, you will have access to the ODA fee guide.