Many dentists read dental blogs to keep up with new trends and get advice about practice management. Here is a list of dental blogs you can follow.

Do you read dental blogs often? Blogs are free online resources to help you keep up with changes in the dental industry. You can always take advantage of dental blog writers’ research and ideas to better your practice. You may follow a selected few dental blogs for some informative reading during lunch break. Here we put together a list of useful dental blogs you can choose from.

Dental practice management

Paying for dental consultants is not all the time necessary; there are abundant dental blog articles that provides practice management advice. Some of the popular ones are listed below:

Dental technology

Dentists like to explore new technologies and learn about recent findings in dentistry. Dental blogs can deliver you the information on a regular basis so that you do not wait till the next dental conference or professional magazine. dental-blog (1)

General dental education and advice

Dental blogs do not have to target either dentists or patients; some of them cover a broad range of topics and tell you about general trends in dentistry. This type of blog also tend to be easier and more fun if you are looking for something light to read. (Interesting dental podcasts you can listen to)

Blogs by other dentists

Many dentists blog too. These are some good examples of engaging blog articles your patients may like.

Dental students is aimed at dental students.

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